The Global Recruiting Trends for 2016

LinkedIn have recently published their 5th annual report that looks into the upcoming worldwide recruiting trends predicted for 2016. The research covers key areas in global recruitment including the current challenges and obstacles organisations face, quality of hires, employee referrals, sources of hires, employer branding, employee retention and recruiting internal candidates.

We have pulled the key findings from the report that provide the most value for organisations looking to step up their recruitment game in 2016.


Although attracting and retaining new talent is top of the agenda for most organisations, there are still obstacles being faced that prevent this goal from being achieved. Out of the 3,894 talent acquisition decision makers who were surveyed, 46% are experiencing difficulties in finding candidates in high demand talent pools, 43% are facing problems when it comes to compensation and 39% are struggling from external competition.

Measuring the quality of hire

Securing new talent is only half the battle, whether or not that hire is of quality is something that most organisations are measuring in three particular ways. Firstly, 50% measure the quality of a new hire through performance evaluation, 49% measure this through turnover or retention statistics and 43% measure through the satisfaction of the employee’s manager.

Sources of quality hires

The survey results outlined that 32% of decision makers attribute quality hires to employee referral programs. Candidates that have been referred by existing employees have many benefits including a longer tenure and higher job performance, making them a long-lasting quality hire. According to the survey respondents, 43% cite social professional networks as a source of quality hires and 42% mentioned internet job boards.

Employer brand

Employer brand is still a top priority for talent acquisition decision makers looking to attract new talent. An increasing number of organisations are utilising channels such as social media (68%) and online professional networks (61%) as well as their company website (47%). A massive 62% of respondents say that employer brand is a top priority for their organisation, 59% say they have a proactive employer brand strategy and 55% say they are investing more in employer brand compared to last year.

Employee retention

As with the quality of hire, making sure that new candidates stay at your organisation is another key factor for decision makers. The survey reflected that 32% of survey respondents say that employee retention is a recruiting priority for 2016, as well as 12% citing internal hiring and transfers.

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